Major Component Failure: Its Messy!

Major component failure is something every operator and equipment owner fears, and wants to avoid. The resulting down time, and part replacement costs can be hefty. How can it be avoided, and if it happens, how can a future repeat failure be prevented?


Regular maintenance and inspections are key to ensuring the longevity of your machines components. A broken machine doesn't pay, but maintenance does. Checking oil levels, filters, and keeping changes within factory intervals is key. If a component is leaking, or showing signs of excessive wear, or not operating as it should, stop and address the issue.

Quality oils and filters are invaluable, they are not all equal. Cheap oils can lead to a variety of unwanted issues, and even turn to slush in colder temperatures, while cheap filters with high nominal filter ratings can be ineffective at consistently filtering larger particles.


It is well known, a hydraulic circuit thrives on cleanliness. When oil and components break down, issues quickly arise . A failing pump, motor, or cylinder can be a big issue, internal pieces pile up and are spread throughout the hydraulic system, as oil works its way back to tank It is important to clean the system and flush any external contaminants out before installing a replacement part. Spools and poppets in the control valve are especially susceptible to debris, with operating clearances as tight as 5 thousandths of an inch. Though it can be time consuming, it is well worth the effort, and will help ensure that aggravating problems stay in the past.

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